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Liberty Christian School is a certified “F” school by the United States Department of Homeland Security’s Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP). We issue the I-20 form to International Students after they have been accepted by the admissions process outlined below.

Do I qualify to be an International Student at Liberty?

  1. Student must be able to effectively communicate in English (speaking, reading, and writing).
    Liberty does not provide ESL services.  Student must speak only English while at school or school activities.(Please provide TOEFL test scores if you have taken this test.)

  2. Student must interview with the Principal, who will determine communication skills (Skype interview is acceptable).

  3. Student must meet and maintain academic and behavioral requirements as found
    in the student handbook to remain a student at Liberty.

  4. Must provide household information for host family and family of origin.

  5. Student must be high school aged, enrolling in 9th-12th grades only.

  6. Payment must be in American currency (cash, certified check or money order) and paid in full at time of enrollment as soon as your student travel VISA has been issued. (Credit card payments require a 2.75% convenience fee.)

  7. Student must be a full-time Liberty student and may not seek any employment.

  8. Liberty does not provide homestay services. Students must arrange for their own host family.

*Please note: Applicants need to fill out BOTH the I-20 Tuition form as well as the
1-20 Enrollment Packet in order to have a completed Registration Packet. 

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