Expectation:  Show up, dressed and ready for work.  A student’s profession is school.  Clean, professional dress is the expectation.

Liberty Christian has a dress code for all students in order to create a sense of identity as a student, and to provide a positive atmosphere free from distractions.  Neatness and modesty should be the guidelines in choosing clothes.  This dress code is for regular school days and is the expectation for all days and all activities, unless otherwise stated.


Shirts/Jackets:  LCS shirts and spirit wear may not be altered.  All shirts worn to school must cover the shoulders with a sleeve and cover the torso with necklines being modest. No tops should be backless or low.  Clothing worn under sheer material must meet school dress code standards.  Tank tops or camisoles are not considered appropriate.  There should be no questionable media on any outerwear: anti-Christian themes, suggestive pictures, inappropriate slogans, or graphics related to alcohol, drugs or tobacco, secular music groups or gang-related media.

-Athletic wear: Liberty team shirts, including jerseys, may be worn and are encouraged at times by the coaches.  Tank tops, Yoga pants, warm-up pants or sweat pants are not acceptable during school hours.

-Pants:  Students can choose to wear slacks, jeans, or shorts and may choose the color or pattern.  However, pants must fit appropriately and not be torn or ragged, even by design.  The length of shorts should be to the top of the knee as a general rule, or no shorter than the end of the fingertips.  Yoga pants and sweats are not acceptable.  Stretch pants, leggings or tights alone may not be worn as pants, even if covered by a longer top.

-Skirts:  Girls may choose any style, color, or pattern of skirt as long as the length is not shorter than the top of the knee. Modesty is the expected guide in selecting skirts and shorts for school.  Elementary girls are encouraged to wear shorts under their skirts for playground modesty.

-Shoes:  Students are expected to have shoes on at all times.  Slippers are not part of regular school dress.  Sandals may be worn by either boys or girls, but all footwear should be appropriate to the activity.  Students in PE classes should wear athletic shoes.

-Hair:  Styles should be modest and not distracting.  All haircuts and styles should be neat and of a natural color.  Shirt collars and earlobes should be visible on male students.  Hairstyles should not cover the face during normal learning activities.

-Adornments:  Only female students are permitted to wear earrings.  Other visible piercings, studs, plugs, gages or body art on any part of the body are not acceptable.

-Accessories:  Hats are not to be worn inside school buildings.  Logos or sayings are expected to be in good taste and not distracting.  Sunglasses and other accessories are expected to be used for the purpose they are designed.


Students whose dress does not comply with the published dress code will be counseled by staff members and asked to change or cover unacceptable clothing or jewelry.  If the request is not possible, parents will be called to provide acceptable clothing or to remove the student from school.  In cases of haircut violations, parents will be consulted and a number of days will be assigned to correct the problem.

Follow the dress code whenever on campus and at school-sponsored events, unless otherwise specified.  It’s impossible to determine all fashion styles from year to year, so the administration will make the final decision on the interpretation of the dress code.